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Boger City Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located just off of Main Street in Lincolnton, NC.  We are a loving, praying church with a close-knit congregation where anyone is welcome.

G-7 Five Things God Cursed

G-8 A Change Of Clothes

G-9 The Way Of Cain

G-10 The Man Who Never Died

G-11 Strangest Passage In The Bible

G-12 Storm Warning Part 1

G-13 Storm Warning Part 2

G-14 The Ark...A Picture Of Christ

G-15 All Aboard Part 1

G-16 All Aboard Part 2

G-17 Time To Disembark From The Ark

G-18 Noah's Sad Downfall

G-19 The Tower Of Babel

G-20 The Call Of Abraham

G-21 The Seduction Of Sodom

G-22 Sodom Destroyed Part 1

G-23 Sodom Destroyed Part 2

G-24 The Ultimate Sacrifice

G-25 A Bride For Isaac

G-26 Joseph Part 1

G-27 Joseph Part 2

G-28 Joseph Part 3

G-29 Joseph Part 4

G-30 Joseph Conclusion

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