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Judi Grice


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Judi Grice

I have always had a love for music ...

When I was younger, I used to go in the back yard and mama told me I could "sing" to the trees, so that is what I did .... Today, I feel like I am singing for the Lord, and probably was then and just didn't realize it.


Boger City Baptist Church is my home church, and I started
playing the organ when I was in High School, until 1983. At that time I felt the calling to try another avenue and switched to directing the Adult Choir, as our current choir director had
resigned. I did so, and started working with the Adult, Senior
Adult and Children's Choirs.


In 1990 I was called to Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church to serve as choir director and did until September of 1995. When leaving Lincoln Avenue Baptist, my family and I returned to Boger City Baptist, which we felt like was our "home". I filled in for the organist, pianist, and choir director for three years before being called back as Choir Director in July of 1998. I really enjoy working with each of these choirs here at Boger City, and I also lead in the Senior Adult program here at the church as we have a monthly meeting and luncheon, and also we go on at least two bus trips a year to various locations. God has allowed me to serve in two areas of my life that I really enjoy, Music and Seniors. I will always be grateful to Him for His provision in helping me in this ministry.


My family has always been a big support for me and I couldn't have done it without them ... Mike, my husband is truly an asset in helping me. I have two wonderful children, Benjy, his wife Lynn and Micah, and her husband Todd, and I have two beautiful granddaughters: Lylli Kate Cochrane and Kensley Grice. I also have one grandson Jacob Grice.

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