History of Our Church

1922 - Present

Through a strong foundation built on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Boger City Baptist Church has evolved into the fellowship we enjoy in 2010.  Goodsonville Baptist Church was founded in 1922 with twelve charter members and was renamed Boger City Baptist Church in 1936.  Our history is comprised of the deeds of resources and this dedication continues in our membership today.  In order to fully appreciate God’s blessings, growth from past to present must be examined:

About Us

Boger City Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located just off of Main Street in Lincolnton, NC.  We are a loving, praying church with a close-knit congregation where anyone is welcome.

- Started with 12 charter members - Present day membership of 783

- 12 pastors and 7 interim pastors over the past 88 years, presently

   served by 1 Senior Pastor, 1 Associate Pastor, and 1 Youth Minister

- A progression of 3 different sanctuaries

- First offering of $3.16 - average offering in 2010 of $11,125.82

- Made use of 2 different parsonages

- 6 land purchases

- 2 educational buildings

- 3 church signs

- Development of outreach programs for children, youth, adults, and

  senior citizens

- A history of various mission trips

- Ordination of several pastors and missionaries

- Growth of music ministry

- Hosted numerous special events

- Production of drama, “Raptured”

Indeed, the rich history of Boger City Baptist Church is evidence of God’s guidance as His will is  manifested throughout His people.  The future holds unlimited opportunities to reach out to our community in His name.  Boger City Baptist Church stands as a beacon of Christian service and love.

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