About Us

Boger City Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located just off of Main Street in Lincolnton, NC.  We are a loving, praying church with a close-knit congregation where anyone is welcome.

R-8 A Reprobate Mind

R-9 Paul Judges the Judges

R-10 The True Jew Part 1

R-11 The True Jew Part 2

R-12 God is True- Every Man A Liar

R-13 The DNA of the Wicked

R-14 Lessons Learned from the Law

R-15 Abraham

R-16 Access

R-17 Death Reigned; Grace Reigns Part 1

R-18 Death Reigned; Grace Reigns Part 2

R-19 I Reckon

R-20 From A Slave to A Slave

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