Welcome from Pastor Bigham

A Welcome From The Pastor

It has been my honor to pastor this wonderful church since July of 2007.  There is a spirit of love, joy and unity that permeates this place every time we gather.  We are a forever family, bound together by God’s love and His Word.  We are not perfect people, but we do serve a perfect Lord.  It would be an honor to have you visit with us in any of our services.  In the meantime, please browse our web-site.  And if you should feel led to visit with us, service times and directions are available on the site.  I always greet our guests after the service in the welcome center, so please stop by and introduce yourself.

May God’s Richest Blessings Abide With You,

Pastor Bill Bigham (1st Timothy 1:12)

Listen to Bill Bigham’s Story for God’s Glory

Pastor Answers 20 Questions

1.  Who are your favorite authors and preachers?

“Warren Wiersbe ranks as my favorite preacher.  He is able to combine keen Biblical insight with practical application of the Scriptures.  The late Adrian Rogers has also had a great influence on me with his solid Biblical exposition.  John McArthur is my favorite author.”

2.  What is the most profound statement you have ever heard about the christian life?

Warren Wiersbe said… “Christians don’t live by explanations, we live by promises.”

3.  What is the most gratifying thing about pastoral ministry?

“Watching the Word of God change people from the inside-out”

4.  What is the most frustrating thing about the ministry?

“I never get caught up… only less and less behind!”

5.  If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

“To become a more patient person”

6.  What is your favorite book of the Bible?


7.  What are your spiritual gifts?


8.  What has been your greatest experience in ministry?

“Leading my daughter Monica to Christ and baptizing her in 2003”

9.  What do you admire most about your wife Suzanne?

“She knows me well and still loves me!  In addition, the way she uses her spiritual gift of mercy”

10.  Of all the semons you have preached…which one is your personal favorite?

“A message called “You Were Adopted Too!” in which I compared the adoption of our daughter to God’s adoption of us”

11.  Do you have any advice for young Pastors just entering the ministry?

“Read, Read, Read”

12.  What has surprised you most about the ministry?

“How fast the time has gone by”

13.  How long does it take you to prepare a sermon?

“8 – 10 hours on average”

14.  Do you enjoy sports?

“Duke basketball.  My wife pulls for the Tar – Heels.  We live in a house divided”

15.  What doctrine do you enjoy studying most?


16.  What concerns you most about Christianity in America?

“We do not know the Word of God”

17.  Have you ever had a major shift in a doctrinal position?

“As a young Christian, I believed the gift of salvation could be lost.  After reading every verse in the New Testament in 1976, I was convinced of the validity of the doctrine of eternal security.”

18.  What is the most important thing you have ever learned from the Bible?

“Salvation is a free gift paid for totally by the blood of Christ on the cross”

19.  What are your hopes for your daughter in years to come?

“Just one… that she would be a woman of God”

20.  What do you want people to remember most about you?

“That I never got over the wonder of being saved.”

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